Boardroom AV

Boardroom Audio Visual Systems

tea-london-small-boardroom Tea London offer a wide range of audio visual systems and solutions catering for all requirements of the modern boardroom.

Ranging from advanced telepresence and video conferencing (VC) systems coupled to wireless microphones, to the bare basics of a large video screen with laptop/PC connectivity.

Tea London’s extensive product portfolio will allow us to design the perfect AV system for your boardroom for all manner of budgets.

 Example boardroom AV systems:

  • microphone systems, both wired and wireless systems, ranging from a single microphone to 100+ microphones
  • audio processing to improve sound quality in acoustically challenging environments, improving audio quality (audibility) in both the room itself and down communications devices such as tele-conferencing and video conferencing (VC) systems
  • Large format video displays, arranged either as a single monitor, as multiple monitors or as a video wall. We also design projection systems that can overcome the problems associated with ambient lighting conditions of the typical boardroom
  • Connectivity and easy switching between multiple video sources including laptops, dedicated PC’s, video conferencing systems, video playback devices, satellite TV, Terrestrial TV and more
  • Recording systems, where audio and/or video recordings of important meetings can be made and be easily accessed and reviewed from multiple and remote locations
  • Simplified control systems that can control every aspect of the boardroom’s electronic and electrical systems, enabling more people to be able to make use of sophisticated systems with little or no training
  • Automation systems that can not only simplify the control of the boardroom’s AV systems, but can also provide control over lighting, blinds, air conditioning and heating systems
  • Telecommunications systems such as IP telephone conferencing, telepresence and video conferencing systems
  • Custom floorboxes and floorplates for custom audio visual connections
  • In-ceiling and discrete audio systems, providing clear, warm sound for all meeting scenarios – from presentations to video conference calls
  • Custom furniture and enclosures to enhance your corporate identity and enhance your professional image in meeting room and boardroom scenarios
  • Discreet, motorised lifts to hide projection systems, projection screens and other audio visual equipment

Tea London have over 10 years experience in the design and installation of corporate audio visual systems, for all manner of requirements. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your boardroom AV systems.

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