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Monitro Audio CT380 FX in-ceiling loudspeakerTea London can help you design a bathroom audio system that will deliver clear sound into an acoustically challenging environment such as your bathroom, delivering clear and warm sound from a wide range of audio sources and services.

Our designs take into account the harsh nature of bathroom environments, overcoming the acoustic challenges associated with room’s with a lot of hard surfaces. Further your bathroom’s climate has regular and extreme changes  in temperature and humidity. Our aim is to deliver a sensibly priced audio system that is safe to operate in wet environments and gives you reliable and clear audio.

Our bathroom audio systems are incredibly easy to control, giving you access to a simply astonishing amount of music and audio programmes through easy-to-use interfaces ranging from a wall-mounted touchscreen to a mobile device such as tablet or smartphone.

With a wide choice of audio and music services you can easily change your listening preferences from your favourite morning radio station to music from one your play lists stored on your phone, Spotify or music library.

Our bathroom systems can be installed to operate in a stand-alone fashion or as part of a larger multi-room audio system; giving you access to a wide range of audio services including your own personal music libraries, internet radio (over 35,000 radio stations and growing), podcasts, TV audio and internet services including Spotify, Last.FM and Napster.

We have an extensive product portfolio of in-ceiling speakers designed to operate in extreme conditions such as those found in a bathroom environment. Despite the robust design of the loudspeakers that will  deliver clear and warm sound, even though bathrooms are typically acoustically harsh. Accurate and responsive sound will satisfy even the most demanding of ears.

Using typical layouts of two speakers per space, we can provide decent stereo imaging for a particular area in your bathroom space, so we can, for example, ensure that you get great stereo audio when soaking in the bath.

We also have a wide range of single, stereo in-ceiling speakers that are designed for smaller spaces such as shower rooms, steam rooms and small bathrooms.

When connected to an automation system, it is possible to get your bathroom audio to wake-up with you in the morning, to help ease you into the start of your day.

We also design custom audio systems for other wet and extreme environments such as saunas, steam rooms, showers, pool areas, marine and outdoor spaces.


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