Bathroom automation

 bathroom audio / bathroom TV

Control4 wall touchscreenTea London can design an automation system for your bathroom providing either simplified control over your bathroom audio system or bathroom TV, or provide wider control of other systems installed in your home.

You can integrate other home systems with a home automation system to provide unified and simplified control over lighting, window motors, blinds, heating and more.


By connecting your home automation system to your bathroom systems you can have complete control over your bathroom from anywhere in your home, or even when you are away from home.

Imagine a scenario where your bathroom can be warmed up before you wake-up. Your favourite morning radio station can start playing at a low volume gradually increasing with you lighting’s brightness. Providing you with complete control over these systems so you can override any scheduled or automated task.

When installing some fairly inexpensive sensors, you can automate systems further which can improve energy efficiency  as well as maintain your desired comfort levels. For example rain sensors can detect rainfall, and shut your windows automatically, if there is a build-up of humidity the windows can be opened automatically. If you leave home or turn on your heating system your windows can be programmed to shut automatically. Movement sensors can turn on fans or lights.The system can be programmed to do the reverse, for example if you open windows, it will automatically turn off the heating system.

Of course home automation systems will give you complete control over your TV and multi-room audio system, giving you one convenient interface (App) to control your whole home from a either a wall mounted touch panel or from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. You can even control and monitor your home from remote locations through the Internet.



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